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my random bit of art, fanart, and just some bullshit pictures from screenshots.




Eel Royston by xEmoXDudetx
Eel Royston
Sexy motherfuckin punk pirate with a cursing parrot. Electric elemental magic, in the color of blue- because blue is his favorite color. >:3

guitar is called "poseidon anchor" and helps channel his electric attacks when he plays certain rifts. it's a magic weapon that is actually made of thin but durable metal, so the many points on this guitar can actually be deadly.

Edit: Chibi to go with him, because the anime has chibis alot. >w>
Eddie Owlune by xEmoXDudetx
Eddie Owlune
Bio: She was born in a town where magic was believed to cause nothing but trouble. a town of mostly non-magic wielders, including her mother and step father, they didn't take her using magic quite well. she was asked to abandon magic, and continue a normal, human life; finish high school, go to college, become a doctor, become rich, just like her mother wanted... but instead she wanted to follow in the footsteps of her late father, and use her magic to spread kindness and friendship, as well as bring justice to the world and take down baddies from dark guilds and make a world a better place... or at least, she tries to, anyway. she is currently a rogue wizard, but ever since she was 12 and read about fairy tail in the magic magazines, she's always wanted to join them, but she doubts they'd ever let her in.. because of the magic she uses.

Age: 23

Sex/Gender: Female/Agender

Oriantation: Omnisexual

Likes: sweets, food, fighting, Metal, Rock, and Classic Rock music, slayer magic, sleeping, weed, booze, Legos, starry nights
Dislikes: sudden, loud noises (like thunder, loud bangs, etc) most jazz, hip-hop, and rap music, jerks, being interrupted while sleeping, people messing with her food, cocky assholes, corrupt authority figures, being told not to do something, or being told to do something she doesn't want to do. 

Personality traits: Fun, caring, smart, optimistic, prankster, immature, irresponsible, stubborn, A.D.D as hell, wavers between the extremes of being totally hyperactive or absolutely lazy, flirty, eccentric, sarcastic, gullible, but all in all a pretty cool chick to hang with.

Magic: Arc of Embodiment (otherwise known as just Embodiment) which is a lost magic, banned because of the mental stress it puts on the user, and the unbound and uncontrollable power that can come with it. eddie has figured out a system of things that will keep her from losing control, and that's by keeping it simple, to focus on 1 theme- Legos. with her magic, she can create whatever is on her mind, but she found she can control her magic better if she focuses it on one thing, which was Lego blocks. lego blocks are incredibly simple to make, and with the many different pieces she has on hand (in her mind) , she can build almost anything.

she is currently A-Class, and her list of magic attacks come as follows:

Lego sword:
Rank: A-class
Range: 5 feet or 'touch'
Description: this sword doesn't seem very lethal, but with a-class magic bound to it, it can cause some pretty serious blunt force trauma, and if she strikes just right, this sword can cut right through flesh, and even small trees.
Duration: lasts for 4 turns, cooldown is 3 turns

Block Bust:
Rank: A-class
Area of effect: 40 feet
Description: her most lethal and power draining attack. she summons several giant lego blocks, which she can hurl off in any direction. once sent flying, they cannot change direction until they make contact with something. upon contact, the blocks fissure and send razor sharp hunks of plastic flying in all directions- it works basically like a frag-grenade. all blocks hitting the same target deals a-class attack, each block's own damage is equal to a d-class attack. afterwards, she is left momentarily drained, stunned for 1 turn.
Duration: lasts for 1 turn, cooldown is 5 turns

Rank: C-class
Range: N/A
Description: Construct deals no damage. construct is simply a utility spell. it cannot be used for offense or defense, as being used for either would make the Construct break apart instantly. dispite being almost useless in battle, it has many strategic advantages. it can build any lego structure that Eddie can think of (both normal lego size and giant, be it a House, Bridge, Bike, and pretty much anything you can think of, in the form of legos. if it's possible with legos, it's possible for her to make.
Duration: lasts for 15 turns, cooldown is 5 turns.

Brick Barrier:
Rank: B-Class
Range: N/A
Description: it is a barrier made of legos that will not budge until it's destroyed. it can be destroyed instantly by any b-class attack, 2 c-class attacks, 3 d-class attacks, or take 50% of the damage of an a-class attack. it works as a shield, and either creates a big lego wall that can protect several people, or a small lego box that can protect just 1 person.
Duration: lasts for 4 turns, cooldown is 8 turns
oh i am so young but feel so old.
i'm tired of living life how i'm told.
i'm gonna shatter if i fit this mold, one more day
i wanna live my life my way.
and i don't wanna live at all.

wip of a song i wrote that's about feeling suicidal. :D and no i'm not feeling suicidal right now, i just remember this from a time when i was, it was a long time ago, i remembered this little chunk and i just decided to jot it down somewhere and where better than on a status because no one pays attention to these fuckin things.
i got a prepaid card and activated it in my brother's name so i could buy things online- i'm so bad. >w< i got a bong and something a bit more personal coming my way. >v>


xEmoXDudetx's Profile Picture
Kendra Ricketts
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Skype: xEmoXDudex
Minecraft: xEmoXDudex
Tumblr: BloodlustGliscor (inactive)
other DA: BloodlustGliscor (inactive)
youtube: tigerfox10
Email: only friends can get this from me.
so uh, yeah.. i've been very jumbled up lately.. 

really, i'm just saying this right now, i feel i'm on the edge of another breakdown, i have a billion things to do but also currently having the feeling of anxiety constantly on my back, i'm really unstable right now, and idk. i can't get myself to do the things i need to do, and i feel like i'm sending my future further and further into the trash, but also i'm trying to keep myself busy, because another thing constantly trying to creep up on me... suicidal thoughts, again. don't know where they're coming from, everything was just fine until i started letting myself slip, and now i can't get myself back up. and to think that not long ago i had everything going for me, and really, it's all my fault i got myself here..

i've been... avoiding, some, and constantly pestering others. there's so many things in my life right now i'm not ready to deal with.. the truth, consequences, romance, responsibilities, loneliness... usually i'm fine by myself, but lately i'm more dangerous to myself than ever, i feel i'm losing grip of the only thing that kept he holding on before. i'm just.. a mess, and i don't know what to do. i don't want to scare you guys, but i don't want to leave you in the dark, either. i just feel like i need to let off some steam, or else i'm gonna blow, and now i'm constantly reminding myself that i'm still the same stupid kid i was before.. foolish, lost, and afraid.

i just don't know anymore. i can't.. i just wish life had a reboot button, because right now, this all seems meaningless.
  • Mood: Pirate
  • Listening to: YAR HAR FIDLE DE DEE
  • Reading: BEING A PIRATE
  • Watching: IS ALRIGHT WITH ME
  • Playing: DO WHAT YOU WANT
  • Drinking: YOU ARE A PIRATE
i constantly want to draw my character biohazard and G but fucking do you know how hard it is to draw them two-

just to make sure i don't fuck up the arm anatomy i'm constantly looking at machamps for references. seriously and G just had to become even more complicated to draw, especially because it's hard to traditionally color an all black creature. and so many shades of green i have to go through just to get biohazard's right color. do you know how many different green colored pencils i have to use for him? SIX. didn't realize there were that many colors, right?

i love them to death but it's just so hard. plus i always want to commission a really good artist to see how he would look like drawn by them but i never have enough internet money.
  • Mood: Pirate
  • Listening to: YAR HAR FIDLE DE DEE
  • Reading: BEING A PIRATE
  • Watching: IS ALRIGHT WITH ME
  • Playing: DO WHAT YOU WANT
  • Drinking: YOU ARE A PIRATE
right now i'm eating fried chicken, watermelon, and the drink on the side koolaid.

and i'm white through and through.

doesn't everyone just love stereotypes? =P
  • Mood: Pirate
  • Listening to: YAR HAR FIDLE DE DEE
  • Reading: BEING A PIRATE
  • Watching: IS ALRIGHT WITH ME
  • Playing: DO WHAT YOU WANT
  • Drinking: YOU ARE A PIRATE

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a pretty picture
Ravin's Human form by xEmoXDudetx
Bubbles by xEmoXDudetx
Aurora by xEmoXDudetx
yay fanart. by xEmoXDudetx
i will draw your oc (traditional of course) and color it to the best of my abilities (i am very capable shading rainbows)

i can draw ANYTHING cartoonish. do NOT expect me to draw something like a real life human face. XD

and when i say i can draw anything, i mean ANYTHING. xD i have no limits or shame. i need points. ;v;


xEmoXDudetx has started a donation pool!
146 / 3,000
i totally need points so commission me. ;v; i will not dissapoint!

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