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my random bit of art, fanart, and just some bullshit pictures from screenshots.




Mr. Fixit's Electronics shop by xEmoXDudetx
Mr. Fixit's Electronics shop
Mr. Fixit: Oh hello! I haven’t seen you around here before. You must be from Oren Sanctuary. I'm Marcus Fixadel, but most people call me Mr. Fixit! This here is my little boy Ben. don't mind him much, he's just tinkering away.

Ben: (he waves silently)

Mr. Fixit: Well come on in and buy something! we've got some of the best technological devices you can buy for sale here. Just know we don’t accept Pk here only TP transactions. Some of these items might seem a bit overpriced to you but I assure you that there not. All these items were made by the Dynamo City Electronics Committee and have our city’s pantided seal of quality. So while you might be able to find some of these items for sale at outer stores doted around Oren, they won’t be quite as good quality or have all the same abilities as these items. So come on any buy something. 

Jet Pack: A Jet pack controlled by mental interface that when worn allows to wearer to fly. The max speed of the device and how long it can be used for is dependent on the weight of the wearer. I’d say that a 40 Lb Pokémon would probably be able to use the jet pack for just under an hour before needing to re-fuel, assuming they were using the optimal fuel type and could get up to around 65 MPH. The Jet pack works best with Oil Based Fuel but can run off a variety of outer types of fuel (which is sold separately) and can be customized to fit different body types and sizes. The device has a trouble getting any lift when being used by pokemon weighing over 200 Lb, and it’s not sighted for battles but other than that it’s perfect for any non-flying Pokémon who wants to experience the joy of flight or who just to be able to get to those out of reach places.
Price: 27TP

Oil Based Fuel: The optimal type of fuel for the jet pack’s we also sell here. 1 can of this stuff is enough to almost fully refuel your get pack’s fuel tank from bone dry emptiness. Using this in its fuel tank will also get you the best bang for your buck. But even if you don’t have a jet pack it can also be used to refuel certain vehicles and can also be used for other purposes as well, assuming you have enough of an imagination to think of how which I’m sure a smart mon like you can do. You know what else a smart mon would do, buy some of this fuel, I mean it’s a no brainer right?
Price: 3TP Per Tank of Fuel

Bio Cell Battery: A special type of battery that can be used in battle. It comes with no charge, but if you put it in-between yourself and an opponent’s electric attack the battery will absorb some of that attacks energy reducing the amount of damage you take and charging the battery. Once charged you can either discharge the battery to safely recharge, almost any electrical device, OR you can swallow it to have it safely break down into – giving you a temporary boost in your attack power. The length of time that your attack boost lasts, or how much it recharges your electrical device is dependent on how much electricity the battery absorbed before being used. Also each battery can only be charged 1se and they'll automatically lose any charge they absorbed after a few hours so you might want to buy more then 1.
Price: 2TP per battery

Metronome: A device that when turned on starts ticking rhythmically to a set speed. If you hold onto this item while it’s turned on in battle, it will allow you to feel it’s rhythm flow through their body and if you use the same attack repeatedly in tune to the rhythm of the Metronome you attacks will gradually start to become stronger until your rhythm of your attacks is broken. The speed of the rhythm can be easily adjusted using the buttons on the front. Faster speeds let you build up your rhythm of attack more quickly but are harder to maintain. While slower speeds are easier to maintain but are slower to let you build up your rhythm of attack. Outside of battle Metronomes are good for figuring out set patterns so why don't you buy 1.
Price: 6TP

Removable Artificial Gills: This little machine allows the user to bereave underwater like a fish Pokémon dos. Simply attach the proper end bit, and turn on the machine before inserting it into your bereaving hole. The machine will then start converting the water into breathable air while expelling any byproduct your lungs generate allowing you to breathe normally. That said if the Pokémon who uses it is of a species that bereaves threw it’s skin, or a Pokémon with a severe type weakness to water like a Charmander or something then this machine won’t work for you without a protective scuba suit (sold separately). But that said for everyone else this is a MUST BUY, MUST OWN item. Heck it even comes with any end bit you'll need! Besides you never know when you’re going to need to go underwater to escape from a predator, or do a job. Oh, and did I mention it’s comes in multiple colors? Cos it’s available in multiple colors as well.
Price: 22TP

Dynamo City Electronics Laptop: Ah, the best thing in personal computing right now sort of using a supercomputer network. This laptop is equipped with a built in modem & router for connecting to the internet or other wireless networks, 2 built in cameras, 1 webcam on the inside so you can talk face to face with Pokemon who arrant in the same location as you, and a 2 lens 3D camera for taking 3D pictures of things in front of the laptop, a built in volt absorber so that not only can't it be damaged by power surges or eclectic attacks, but those types of attacks will also recharge the internal battery. As well as a direct PSI interface bio pad so any pokemon can use it simply by placing their paw, tentacle, wing or whatever and thinking about what they want the laptop to do, on top of the keyboard control pad, an adjustable data firewall that can block nearly anything from accessing the laptop without the owner's permission, seriously not even Porygon can access the laptop's contents when it's set to max security, thoth of course that can be just as easily disabled, A built in microphone, a CD player, an MD scanner, plug in ports for pretty much every type of input connecter you can think of, LOTS of internal RAM, and last but not least an electric power distributor so that you can easily recharge any electrical device you plug into it, and yes, it can be used in reverse as well. Heck buy it from us and we'll even throw in a 1 year warranty, assuming the damage isn't caused by gross negligence or damaged as a result of taking it into battle. Yes, unfortunately this laptop isn't designed to be used in battle, but it IS very durable, being heat, cold, toxic, water, and psychic resistant so it's not exactly like it's not like it's not like it's easy to damage it. But anyways the outer 3D camera can analyze potential opponents and relay general info data like species, type, moveset, and ability on screen allowing you to plan your battle strategy in advance. Porygon, assuming you have the firewall set up to allow them to, can use this laptop to travel from wherever this laptop is to nearly any other location, via the internet super highway, with an active computer connected to the net or vice versa. I'm pretty sure depending on what website you go to or whatever additional software you install on it you can get it to do lot's more. It's just overall 1 of those must have multi-purpose devices that has something for everyone.
Price: 24TP

Dynamo City Electronics Microwave: A wonderful device that allows you to quickly cook or re-heat cooled down food with little to no hassle. Just turn on the device, place the food you want to cook inside the device, type in how long you want it to cook or re-heat for and push start vola! Your food is now cooked or re-heated. But that’s not all it can do. It can also induce form changes in Rotom who possess it while it’s turned off, but guard’s against rotom possession wile turned on. It can also be used to shoot short but powerful blasts of fire at your opponent by popping open it’s lid while it’s in high power cooking mode. Possibly even Incinerating any berries that they might be holding. Though doing so drains the internal battery. But it’s very easy to recharge as it can safely absorb any electricity fired at it. Not to mention it’s completely Fire proof! It’s an absolute must buy item.
Price: 23TP

Dynamo City Electronics Fan: This nice little device generates cooling air that’s perfect for safely cooling down on hot days. Just turn the dial to the speed you want and turn on the device. Not interested in cooling yourself off? Well lucky you cos at higher speed settings this this device it also works to help create Tailwind’s that can speed up your moves or create glidable air currents for easy flying or gliding. But that’s not all it can do. It can also induce form changes in Rotom who possess it while it’s turned off, but guard’s against rotom possession wile turned on. The internal battery lasts for a good long while at lower speeds, but at max speed it can be drained quite quickly. But it’s very easy to recharge as it can safely absorb any electricity fired at it. It’s also completely immune to wear and tear or wind damage. Regardless of how you use it this is a must own appliance.
Price: 23TP

Dynamo City Electronics Washing Machine:  Have you been given a dirty item or had something of yours get dirty? I think every Pokémon has at 1 point or another. Well this appliance you never have to worry about that ever again! Just put in your dirty items or accessories into the machine, turn it on and tell it to clean. Then within a few minutes viola! Your items are now clean! Heck it even has a setting to dry off your items. But that’s not all it can do. It can also induce form changes in Rotom who possess it while it’s turned off, but guard’s against rotom possession wile turned on. If you don’t have any items to clean maybe you could use it to clean yourself, not that I’d recommend that or anything. It can even be used in battle by aiming it’s fuel hose at an opponent and pushing a button it will completely discharge its entire water supply to Soak your opponent. But since it’s fuelled by water if it runs out of power all you have to do to get it to work again is put a bit of water. Not to mention it’s completely electricity & water proof. It’s 1 of those items with a function for everyone so why haven’t you bought it yet? 
Price: 23TP

Dynamo City Electronics Lawnmower: This is a lawnmower specialty designed so that it can be used by any kind of pokemon. Smaller Pokémon sit inside the machine and can drive it around from there similarly to how they would drive a car. Bigger Pokémon on the other paw can push the lawnmower by walking alongside it using the adjustable steering bar. Very easy to use simply turn it on and push a button to get it to start moving. The speed in which it moves at is easily adjustable so you can have it move as quickly or slowly as you want it to move at. How much do you want it to cut, again easily adjustable. You can even set it up so that it can be used as more of a motorized scooter with battle capabilities. Yea you heard me right, you can use this in battle as well. It absorbs electricity so not only will electric attacks do nothing against it, they’ll even recharge the lawnmower’s internal battery & any grass type attacks hurled at it will be absorbed into its clippings sack. But even besides that the lawnmower is ridiculously durable so even if your opponent fired a Hyper Beam attack at it the lawnmower would probably survive completely intact. Not to mentioning that it also induces form changes in Rotom who possess it while it’s turned off, but guard’s against Rotom possession while turned on. So you interested in buying it? Oh, did I mention that you can also eject the contents of it's clippings bag as a Razor Leaf attack? because it can do that as well.
Price: 23TP

Dynamo City Electronics Refrigerator:  Oh this thing? Oh that’s just the best refrigerator ever made! It’s very easy to use simply turn it on, put an item you want to keep cold inside it and this refrigerator will guarantee it will remain cold. The temperature it keeps things can be adjusted using a control panel on the inside and it’s designed so that it can be opened with a push of a button. There are even open and close door buttons on the inside so if someone accidently gets trapped inside it they can just push the open door button on the inside and easily escape. There’s also a freezer door to store things that you want to freeze. But that’s not all. It even has an intent Freeze-Dry function that not only can rapidly freeze items within it, but that function can even be used in battle by activating it while your opponent is in front of the Refrigerator while the dour is open. That said that function dos drain the internal battery quite quickly. But it’s very easy to recharge as it can safely absorb any electricity fired at it. It also induces form changes in Rotom who possess it while it’s turned off, but guard’s against Rotom possession wile turned on. So have I convinced you to buy this awesome appliance yet or what?
Price: 22TP
Scouts Guild app by xEmoXDudetx
Scouts Guild app
Team Totem Pole
Abigail: welcome, fellow pokemon adventurers!! it's been a while, i know, but welcome to the new addition to the Guilds! the Scouts Guild, run by yours truely!!

Willow: hey, what about us?!

Dick: really, if anything, i'd be the leader! i'm the oldest AND the highest level!

Abigail: but that's the thing!! we're the FIRST guild to be lead by THREE leaders! we're all the leaders of this guild!

Dick: well, Abby, wanna explain how this guild is different from all the others??

Abigail: yes! you see, this guild has options that none of the others have. you could have a scouts team like the other three old guilds, a 1st evolution and a base stage, or, you could have THREE base stage, or even FOUR baby stage pokemon! the same rules apply, you have an option of two basic accessories for each pokemon. so many choices, we don't know what to choose from! Willow, it's your turn to explain how this guild works!

Willow: this guild usually hands out stealthy mission tasks! our tasks aren't usually as hard, and don't pay as much, but this guild will also get more tasks than any other guild! and of course, there's always the tasks open for ALL guilds, those remain the same. lots of younger pokemon tend to join this guild, since it's easier for starting adventurers.

Dick: the best thing about this guild, is the other guild members are allowing you to switch guilds as time goes on. there will be openings for guild switching, you'll have a time to switch guilds. as long as you meet the requirements, you're good to go! but that's a later time. for now, just have fun!! the older guild members are under a lot of stress right now, but new tasks will be out soon! this month we'll be writing them! isn't that exciting??

Kyle the Gligar will be out soon, to announce the Mission 1 and Mission 1 part 2 rewards!
Soldier's App by xEmoXDudetx
Soldier's App


calling all big and bad pokemon out there. there's a new guild opening up JUST FOR YOU. it's called the soldiers guild, and it's for the bigger pokemon who are tougher and higher evolutions than the others. the point of this guild is to be the front lines! you'll get the hardest and most paying tasks of all, some of which i'm not sure all of you applying can handle. this Guild is meant for those who are fully evolved, and also those who can possibly mega evolve. upon joining, if you are one of those pokemon on the Mega Evolution list, you will be given a Mega Stone.

you DON'T have to be fully evolved to join this guild, you don't have to be super strong at all. all you need is GUTS. The Soldiers Guild is a ONE MAN team. you'll be your own team, fighting along the other Soldier teams. most people who join this guild simply name their team name after themselves, but that doesn't keep you from being creative, eh?

I, Magus, will be your Guild Leader! i'm not one to fight unless it's truly necessary, that's why unless you need me, you'll simply be doing the tasks i assign you. this guild isn't for those weak of heart. i assure you, there are times when tasks in this guild will require you to KILL, risk your LIVES, and many many other horrible things most pokemon can't handle. that's why i'm calling upon the baddest of the bad, the toughest of the tough, to join this guild!

though this is a one man team, you can organize yourselves into CLANS, groups of different teams, be they familiar with each other or not. clan artwork will be completed by the end of November. just not that I will not be responsible of the clans you form. YOU are.

so join today, and if you're already in one of the old clans, at the end of november there will be an opening that will allow you to change which guild you will be in. this form will ALSO be complete by the end of november. as for in between, the new Scout Guild will be issuing the tasks for this month, while i'll throw in a few more of the serious tasks for you soldiers to handle when you sign up. though, if you don't want to wait until after the november tasks to fight by my side, you can fight and still get credit for the tasks assigned, but you MUST join my guild as soon as the forms come out, or else the tasks you participated in you will not receive credit for.

don't worry, even if you join the soldiers guild, you can still participate in the universal tasks, those available for all pokemon, no matter what guild.

as every other guild, you'll be allowed to have two basic accessories... but giving you an extra bonus. you can unlock the Camouflage pattern for your clothes, and you also unlock the accessory "army helmet" which can also come in camo.. i'm pretty sure all of you knows what that looks like. if you dont, just google it.
Official Art App for PMD-EoB by xEmoXDudetx
Official Art App for PMD-EoB
title says it all.

this is how you correctly fill out the Art applications. so now, since you have the canon way of how to fill it out, you have no excuse not to make one. :3

also note this is an IMPORT team, from PMD-E. you can import teams from other groups to here. NOT just from PMD-E. any team. from any PMD group. transfer over items and money too. just know that once you come here, you can't go back.

haha well you can, but anything you earn here stays here. because we are the ONLY group that allows you to transfer your teams.
gosh darn i love to burn bridges


xEmoXDudetx's Profile Picture
Kendra Ricketts
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
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Skype: xEmoXDudex
Minecraft: xEmoXDudex
Tumblr: BloodlustGliscor
other DA: BloodlustGliscor
youtube: tigerfox10
Email: only friends can get this from me.
sorry for being so inactive art wise. i've been busy with school, and only have found the inspiration to write stories... personal stories that will not be posted here... mainly because it's not something DA would appreciate. ^_^

so yeah. that's pretty much all that's been going on.
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i constantly want to draw my character biohazard and G but fucking do you know how hard it is to draw them two-

just to make sure i don't fuck up the arm anatomy i'm constantly looking at machamps for references. seriously and G just had to become even more complicated to draw, especially because it's hard to traditionally color an all black creature. and so many shades of green i have to go through just to get biohazard's right color. do you know how many different green colored pencils i have to use for him? SIX. didn't realize there were that many colors, right?

i love them to death but it's just so hard. plus i always want to commission a really good artist to see how he would look like drawn by them but i never have enough internet money.
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right now i'm eating fried chicken, watermelon, and the drink on the side koolaid.

and i'm white through and through.

doesn't everyone just love stereotypes? =P
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a pretty picture
Ravin's Human form by xEmoXDudetx
Bubbles by xEmoXDudetx
Aurora by xEmoXDudetx
yay fanart. by xEmoXDudetx
i will draw your oc (traditional of course) and color it to the best of my abilities (i am very capable shading rainbows)

i can draw ANYTHING cartoonish. do NOT expect me to draw something like a real life human face. XD

and when i say i can draw anything, i mean ANYTHING. xD i have no limits or shame. i need points. ;v;


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i totally need points so commission me. ;v; i will not dissapoint!

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